LeafTek DIY Gutter Guards | Premium Contractor Grade Aluminum | Made in the USA

Product Description 

LeafTek's unique raised vented ridge design promotes air circulation through your gutter system which helps dry out any standing leaves and debris.

Our proprietary design allows rainwater from even the heaviest storms to pass through into your gutters while stopping leaves and all other debris from clogging your system.

LeafTek's raised ridged design facilitates leaves and debris to blow off with the slightest breeze. The down-draft ridge design helps dry-out standing water that may pool in your gutters discouraging mosquito and other pest breeding.

Easy, Do-It-Yourself Installation...

No special skills necessary...

All LeafTek sections are packaged and shipped in easy to handle 4-foot lengths. Each section has a 1/2" tab on one end which the adjoining section slides over for a seamless installation.

End pieces and corners cut easily with a pair of tin snips. We even include a magnetic hex drive for your convenience!

No Overflow...

LeafTek has 404 holes per square foot!

Each hole is 1/8" in diameter designed to handle massive rainfalls while stopping leaves and debris from entering your gutters.

Our 1/8" hole diameter also prevents "shingle sediment" and other small granular debris from clogging LeafTek, unlike micro-mesh systems.

LeafTek Keeps Everything Out!

Available in White or Black for 5" & 6" Gutter Systems in 32' | 100' | 200' Packages

Stop Cleaning Gutters Forever!

Install LeafTek DIY Gutter Guards now and enjoy a life free of gutter cleaning


100% Made In The USA | Easy to install | Strengthens your gutters | Thick .019 gauge USA aluminum | Stainless steel, self-tap color matched screws included | Hard as nails enamel finish | Proprietary vented raised ridge airflow design | Corners install easily | Does NOT install under your shingles, therefore will not void your roofs warranty | Free shipping


LeafTek keeps leaves, twigs, pine needles, seeds, elephants (just seeing if you're paying attention) out while handling the heaviest downpours. PLUS... With 404 - 1/8' holes per sq. ft. there's never "shingle sediment" clogging unlike micro hole systems


Your days of climbing ladders to clean the gunk out of your gutter system are over. Double box packaging for extra protection


Support by phone or email 7 days a week. Our service support staff is located in the USA


Made in the USA, plus a 30 day money-back guarantee ensures your LeafTek purchase is absolutely 100% risk-free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Edward Rolfes
Good product

My house had 64 feet of gutters so I ordered 64 feet and ended up being about 14 inches short. Didn’t know there was a 1 inch overlap. Otherwise they are great

Paul Heath
Gutter Guards

They are well made product and went on easily. My son and son in law put them on in two hours. We have 70 feet on each side of our house. They said they said it was easy. Thank you for a good product and good service.Paul

Dominick DiLoreto
Good product

Easy to install, comes with everything you need, and made with quality material!

Braden Julian
Solid Choice for Gutter Guards

Overall, I am very pleased with these gutter guards. It is nice that they include the screws and a hex head driver to install the gutter guards. They installed easily and as far as I can tell is a quality product. The only thing I was not satisfied with was the number of screws that were included in the kit. The instructions that came with the guards recommend five screw per section. If I did this I would have ran out of screws and still had sections of gutter guards remaining. It would be nice if LeafTek would include more screws. That is my only issue. Otherwise, I am pleased with this purchase, and I would recommend other who are looking to buy this product to purchase these gutter guards.

Robert Fabbri
Leaf Guards

Excellent durable leaf guards