Will LeafTek handle heavy downpours?

Yes. The unique down-flow ridged design slows the forward progression of water. LeafTek's  surface is made up of thousands of small holes that act as an opening into the gutter. The holes are strategically placed on both the ridges and valleys of the surface designed to allow superior water drainage.

Will LeafTek install over my existing gutters?

Yes, it is designed to install on existing 5″ & 6″ gutter systems.

What material is LeafTek made of?

LeafTek is made of heavy gauge aluminum and includes a 35-year warranty.
Unlike plastic, aluminum will never warp or distort, so it will provide superior performance and maintain it’s attractive appearance.

Can squirrels or birds enter gutters and build nests?

LeafTek's surface is made up of thousands of small holes so there is no opening or incentive for birds or squirrels to enter this system. Birds and squirrels want dry spaces to build their nests, which is why they are attracted to hooded gutter covers. Birds, squirrels and insects would get wet when it rains if they nested under LeafTek, so they won’t even bother!

How does LeafTek secure to my gutter system?

LeafTek secures to the front lip of the gutter and either to the rear edge of the gutter or the fascia board, depending on if it is installed flat or at an angle. Screwing LeafTek to the gutter and fascia help create a rigid surface that will support heavy snow or ice loads for those who live in areas that experience extreme winters.

I want to install LeafTek myself. How much does it cost?

If you are interested in purchasing LeafTek to install yourself, all pricing and quantities are listed on Amazon. To get free shipping from Amazon... just click this link.

Will LeafTek change the appearance of my house?

No. LeafTek installs within the gutter. If it is installed flat, it is completely invisible. If it is installed at an angle, you may see a portion of the gutter guard depending on how high above ground your gutters are. 

Will LeafTek prevent ice dams?

Ice dams are caused by insufficient insulation and poor ventilation in your home’s attic. LeafTek will neither prevent nor cause ice dams. LeafTek will reduce the amount of snow and ice build-up in your gutters. In addition, the dark color in conjunction with sunlight melts snow and ice much faster!

Do I ever have to clean or maintain my LeafTek system?

It is less likely that you will have to maintain LeafTek than the other systems, however, this is will be determined by the angle at which the gutter guards are installed and the proximity of trees to your home. If you notice a build up of dirt or debris on your system, simply sweep or rinse it off with a high pressure nozzle on your garden hose. We realize no gutter guard system will keep leaves or debris off your roof. As with any gutter protection product you may need to simply brush off anything that settles from your roof.

What is LeafTek's guarantee?

If you are not happy with LeafTek for any reason after you receive it, simply follow the return instructions within 30 days for a full refund.